Monday, 2 January 2012

Knock Knock. Whos there? Just let me in.

Hiatus.Invented by Bronson Alcott, who wanted his students to have active physical play and time to talk. It is also what my blog is back from.

So yeah i'm back. The people who actually read this will have something to read. So what should I review? Well what about what I promised all those months ago. Valkyria Chroni--ahahahaha.



I'm not reviewing this game.

Just go play it.

Make your own assumptions, I mean its been out since 2007 or 8? I mean why would I review a game that has been out for so long. What would be the point. Unless.... Right from now on this segment will be called "Fashionably Late". It will review games that came out between a year and 10 months ago and will be a weekly segment starting next monday. First review? Wait and see.

This is Tyramatt, and you will not have to wait 6 months for another update.