Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Dead Rising 2 - When hell is full, Zombies will use our gambling machines

Dead Rising 2 is a long game. I won't deny this, but it is fun. Dead Fun. It takes place in Fortune City, a basic copy of Vegas but I won't go into the references here, and you take control of Chuck Greene. A former motocross champion with nothing to lose. A man's man, as manly as the-- Wait, he has a daughter that he looks after? Well thats that ruined then. For a father he really doesn't have many morales in this city of the dead, psychopathes and looters, easily killing all of these with the right strategies.

Dead Rising 2's thing is that you can wield a variety of weapons while combining some particular weapons to make new and more powerful ones. This helps with the leveling system, as killing with the more powerful weapons gets you more points. There is a level cap, but it is set to 50, so you probably won't get to that until your second playthrough. You can also at any point, like the first Dead Rising, restart the game from the start, but take your levels and upgrades with you to make the game easier. I'm not ashamed to say that I did not complete the game without restarting.

Chuck is kind of cool, but ruined by his daughter somewhat. He has to get a drug called Zombrex for her daily, as she was bitten by a zombie before when the game is set and needs it to stop herself from turning. Back to Chuck though, he can have some good moments with his one liners, but some of these seem really forced. Some of his finer moments are in the cinematics when he kills a pschopath however. Overall Chuck is one of the most interesting characters in the main cast, but the main cast lets him down.

Katie, Chuck's daughter, is not interesting in the slightest. Everyone is constantly telling Chuck that she will turn soon, but she just doesnt get enough screentime to make a lasting impression on me. You can give her gifts to get a large experience boost, but why should I need to? I bought a zombie game right? I expected to get a large boost of experience by killing a zombie with a rake fired from a rocket launcher.

There are a number of side missions in the game that you may choose to undertake or not. Whenever you get one a time limit starts for how long you can undertake it. Many of these can pile up, so you can bring survivors you are rescuing to a battle with a psychopath to make it easier, but there would be a good chance that the psychopath would kill all your survivors and stop you from getting the experience boost from getting them back to the safehouse. As you do more and more of these missions, the side cast grows larger and larger so i'm not going to talk about them. Not because there are way too many, but because they are not characterised well enough for me to think they deserve it.

Dead Rising 2 is a timesink. But it is a good timesink. If you want to kill a few hours and a few zombies while you are at it, just let Katie turn, and you then have free roam over the city. Sure you fail the game, but you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want. You could do sidequests, or not do sidequests. This is a game that offers many methods of gameplay, and I would recommend it to anyone with nothing better to play this christmas. I mean consider the game lineup for this christmas, what the hell are the publishers thinking.

Overall, get Dead Rising 2, well worth the money, 7/10.

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