Saturday, 21 May 2011

Four Loko - Lemonade and Fruit Punch

Thats right! Time for another double feature! You know, that thing I did once last christmas?

Lemonade is basically Lemonade. It is probably the most predictable of all of the ones I have had and actually tastes really nice. It tastes a bit of malt, but thats to be expected by this point.

Fruit Punch could not be further away from this. It is very, very rough. Although when I was drinking it, it started to grow on me quite a bit. I wonder if this is just the fact that it is alcohol and my judgement was clouded, or if the flavour was actually starting to grow on me... I let some of my friends have some and it came up about 50% like, 50% hate. A strange case indeed.

This is Tyramatt, and I won't be drinking for a while after this.

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