Monday, 20 September 2010

Game To Film Transition - Good Thing?

Silent Hill. One of the most unique game series of my time. Now with the release of Silent Hill 8 imminent, I thought it would be right to give my opinion on what I consider to be one of the best, and yet worst, transitions from game series to film. The Silent Hill film.

There are many problems with this film that hardcore Silent Hill fans will rip this film to shreds for, but if you judge it as a stand alone film with little to no connection to any established cannon from the games it can be a real treat to watch. I will just say it, I love this film. I watched it before playing any Silent Hill games and I absolutly adored it. Before anyone gets their shotguns ready and starts heading for my house I will clarify why. Knowing little of the Silent Hill franchise before I watched the film I thought it was a cleverly executed film of a popular game. When pyramid head came out I thought "Jesus, thats cool". I know many people hated the fact that pyramid head was in the film, but i'll get to that.

Now that I have played almost all of the games except for Silent Hill Homecoming all the way through, I can see the glaring flaws in the story if you consider all Silent Hill related media in the same great timeline. I won't make a point to note them as this will take all day, but I will explain the pyramid head fiasco.

Pyramid Head is essentially the punisher of Silent Hill. He kills murderers. Many people hate the fact that he was in the Silent Hill film, but in case you haven't noticed he doesn't do anything! He just walks into a room, and then leaves! It could have jsut been a coincedence that he was in the room! Stop being soo angry about things that don't exist!

A film that would be a good transition if executed properly though? Siren Blood Curse. It is essentially a movie in itself at the moment. With the same story and cinematography it could introduce a completely different audience to what is a very underrated game universe.

That is all for now. Will be doing some 3D modelling soon, and will upload screenshots in the next two weeks or so.

This is Tyramatt, signing off.

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