Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Trouble With Hills

As for manouverability, modern day tanks seem to be very stuck in their ways, and I can respect that. They found a system that works and I can see why they stuck with it. The idea behind my tank's manouvering system works in the same, but not the same way if you know what I am trying to say. The tracks would work in the same way as modern tanks for turning, which from what I have researched would be slowing down one side of the tracks to go a different direction. This can give the tank a 0 meter turning circle.
Another point that can be made in the front track's favour is the ability of this particular tank to be able to angle its front track to a certain extent. This would make it able to go up and down hills with ease, becoming less likely to get stuck on different angles of hill.
Another point I would like to touch upon at this juncture is the track covers. I decided to add these to the vehicle to add what I consider to be another dimension of sensibility. It would simply not be realistic to have exposed tracks on a applicable military vehicle. I went quite simple on the track supports, and there will be more on the supporting of the tank and of texturing in the next post.

The last point to mention is the hatch which can be seen on top of the tank. This is just to function as a believable way to get into the vehicle. There will be more modelling to be done to add to the tank, but we will talk more about this when we get to it.

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