Friday, 3 September 2010

Texturing Problems? What Texturing Problems?

A double update today for you lucky, lucky people. The texturing has been done, by just applying the texture of rusty metal to the individual parts of the tank. UV Mapping was tried, but it was deemed to actually look better to select and apply the texture to different parts of the tank rather than stretching the texture over the entire thing.For those who don't know what UV Mapping is, it is a tool that you can use to move the dimensions of the texture to decide how many times to repeat, how big the original picture should be when texturing etc. In my opinion, a useful tool but not always the right one.

The texture for the tank I used was a standard rusty metal texture that I found online, but again have been unable to locate again at this time. For the track covers I used a googled image of a metal sheet with rivets in it which I have not got the source for. The track covers were UV Mapped however. This was because I wanted the texture to repeat along the axis that went straight along the tank.

The tracks were textured using a black rubber texture found on google. It was from the website: Again, this was just applied to the tank tracks normally with no UV Mapping. Screenshots of the Tank as it is now will be uploaded at a later time. The tank is not finished as it stands, there are some finer details that need to be added as well as some more obvious items that must be added.

Tank Model is the property of Matthew Nunn Copyright 2010(c)

I claim no copyright over any of the textures used.

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