Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Look Back - Dead Space

So I just completed Dead Space 2. It was a good game, but i'm going to let it sink in before I talk about it. Lets talk about the first Dead Space for now. Just so you know there will be no spoilers in this review.

Dead Space was the first game I completed on the PS3, after attempting to play Mirror's Edge and Resistance 2 and failing miserably. I loved it. It was mainly full of jump scares, but I would definatly class it as action-horror if that makes any sense. Isaac Clarke is our character here and he goes on a routine mission to fix a minor communications bug. Being a engineer by trade Isaac travels there with two other companions, but this it turns out is no routine mission.

Bottom line is the whole crew is dead and have mutated into creatures that have been since dubbed Necromorphs. The basis of the game is to get off the star cracker space ship Ishimura alive. What follows is a journey of discovery, frights, and thrills that will keep you coming back for more and more. Theres also a sub-plot about Isaac looking for his wife, who may still be alive, but we are not going to talk about that.

Lets talk about Isaac Clarke now. He is a very strong main character in this game because he never talksand you never see his face, and you can make of that what you will. It was originally speculated that he could be a robot, but you just don't know until you play. This made Dead Space unique in its own way as while there are other main characters in games that don't talk e.g. Link in legend of Zelda, and other where you don't see their faces, there are few games that encorperate these things and have a main cast of six people.

Dead Space is one of my favourite games of this console generation and possibly even in my top 10 games. Although now the Dead Space series will be in the top 10. If they do a hollywood movie, please let it be good...

Im going back to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow now, so do with that what you will, but expect the Dead Space 2 review before long.

This is Tyramatt, in a Dead Space craze.

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