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Saw 6 and 7 Review

So now that i've seen what should be the last two in the Saw Series I love so much I can review them properly and give them the attention that they deserve.

As a devote Saw fan I tried to get into the mood when I went into Saw 6. This was not hard considering the opening trap. I'm trying to keep these vaguely spoiler free so I won't mention any of the details. Like Saw films 3, 4, and 5 before it, Saw 6 focuses its attention on one person's life wrongdoings and trys to teach a genuine lesson to him. The bullseye this time is on a head of an insurance company who won't insure people unless his team proves that it will give a tidy profit back.

In a flashback John Kramer (Jigsaw) meets him and they become somewhat of acqaintances. John learns of what the head of the insurance company does to conduct his business after he joins up for life insurance concerning his cancer that is slowly killing him. In another flashback we find the reason for him needed to be tested was that after John found a possibility for a cure for his cancer with a doctor in Norway, and the head of the company decided that if he went there it would not be profitable for the company. Therefore he threatens to cut John's insurance off if he goes there. John leaves the company of his own accord and tells the head that he doesn't value human life as he should.

The head of the company goes through many trials to try and get him to value human life such as my favourite which was a valued member of his team and his secretary who he has very little contact with are about to be pulled off a platform and be hung by the neck until dead by barbed wire. Both have their hands bound, and cannot move off their platforms to get away as they will hang wherever they go. The member of his team is a only child with both parents dead and no family to speak of, so if he was to die he would not be missed. The secretary who should be of less value to the company, who the head also denied life insurance to, has a large family and would definatly be missed. He can only pick one of them and has sixty seconds to do so. I'll let you assume what happens for yourselves.

The sixth film in the Saw series also serves as a return of John Kramer's wife Jill in what could be called a lead role. A majority of the shots show Jill and the new Jigsaw working together somewhat to organise the events of the sixth film as described in John Kramer's will. The ending also has a good conclusion and gets around to what I have wanted to see since the start of Saw 5. The new Jigsaw in a trap to see if he is worthy of being Jigsaw.

Lets now talk about Saw 7 or Saw 3D as it was know at the cinemas. I watched the film in 2D just so you know as 3D makes me feel slightly sick after a while. Saw 7 is one of my favourite films in the series. It brings actors back from all of the films to form what is one of my favourite scenes in any film now, where they have formed a "Jigsaw Survivor Support Group". It is truly great to see these actors portray their roles again with the injuries that they sustained in their traps. It gives a feeling of conclusion with "Yes. People do survive these traps" and "They do have to sacrifice something to survive". We also see Doctor Gordon return as a cynical member of this support group who scoffs at one woman's remarks about how wrong Jigsaw was to put her in a trap. It is great to see Doctor Gordon back in the series and after so long since we last saw him. If you don't know who i'm talking about, and *SPOILERS*, he is the man who cut his foot off as the end of the original Saw. He is back with a prosthetic foot, and a cane that just fits the character so well.

This really is going to feel like i'm repeating myself here, but I will perservere. Saw 7 follows what seems to be the established trend and focuses on one man and people surrounding him. The testee here is Bobby, a Jigsaw survivor. You may wonder if this is like what happened to Amanda in the Saw game where she was brought back to be tested again because she didn't learn from her test in the first film and went back to the drugs. This is not the case. Bobby has never been tested by Jigsaw and has cashed in a fake story by writing a book and now is a published author. John Kramer goes to get a copy of his book signed by Bobby and comments on how his day will come sooner that he thinks.

This film is not only about Bobby however, we also see the police attend some of the other traps that we see in this film and through a series of events they find out too late that the new Jigsaw is trying to get to John's wife Jill for his revenge of the ending of Saw 6.

*THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST SPOILERIFIC I WILL EVER GET SO STOP READING NOW IF YOU WILL EVER WANT TO WATCH ANY OF THE SAW FILMS* The ending of Saw 7 is my favourite ending of all of the Saw films and is definatly in my top 10 endings of all time. The new Jigsaw leaves the police station after putting Jill in a reverse beartrap, the first operational trap that Jigsaw ever made by the way, and watched her die. Just a quick thing here, this is not what John Kramer would have wanted. Not because it was his wife, but because there was no way out. This has been a massive mistep by the series since the original Jigsaw died at the end of Saw 3. After leaving he gets assaulted by three people wearing Jigsaw robes and the iconic pig masks. One of them takes off his mask and it is Doctor Gordon... It turns out that after he escaped his trap, he sealed off his open leg wound on a hot pipe and Jigsaw found him after he left the bathroom in the first film, taking him to a room and getting him healthy again. After telling the good Doctor "You have what it takes to survive", Gordon joins him as what could be conveyed as a "Secret Apprentice".

It turns out that a envelope that we see Jill putting into someone's letterbox in Saw 6 that we all disregarded as useless and all forgot about swiftly, was meant for Doctor Gordon. It contained a tape that was John's final request to him. "Protect Jill". Now that the new Jigsaw had killed Jill, it was his time to strike. After knocking out the new Jigsaw and a scene change, we find ourselves in the bathroom from the first film with the new Jigsaw chained at the foot to a pipe, and with the decaying corpses of everyone who has died in that room up to this point. He immiediatly reaches for a hacksaw in the middle of the room, but Doctor Gordan kicks it out of the room saying "Not this time". Gordon then turns to leave the room and turns off the lights, all the time the new Jigsaw shouting "What the fuck are you doing!". Gordon then turns back to say the words I have been waiting the whole film to hear and make the ending of the films that much more. Gordon is about to shut the wall/door to this bathroom leaving him to die and says "Game Over".

This really does symbolise the end of the Saw Franchise. The have ended on a very high note, although the producers have said that if it does well at the box office they would make another one. I would really like them to leave it here, but as we saw from the Friday the 13th films somethings just won't end as long as people keep watching them.

Saw has been declared more than once as the most sucessful horror franchise of all time. All I can say is that it is one of my favourite film series ever made. So do either of these films take over as my favorite film or least favourite? Well one of them.

Favorite Saw Film: Tie between Saw 3 and Saw 7

Least Favourite: Still Saw 2. I like it, just the other films are better.

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